Tesla Motors has been rapidly installing its Superchargers across the United States, and it is clearly bent on covering the whole country, but how often do people actually use them?

I don’t know how often people actually use them. However, Tesla announced that usage rates for road trips exploded by a factor of 5 since last summer. Why? Tesla has not only been selling cars, but it has significantly increased the number of Superchargers across the world since last summer, as shown in Tesla’s tweet below. (h/t electrek)

Its nearly ubiquitous electric car charger presence is almost certainly helping to increase usage rates (maybe car sales too, as the ubiquity of charging stations makes Tesla’s cars more viable to consumers). In addition to that, Tesla cars have gotten performance upgrades like ‘Insane Mode‘ and ‘Ludicrous Mode‘ that make the thought of going on Tesla road trips even more fun!

The fact that Tesla Supercharger stations can recharge Tesla’s cars faster than ever (a supercharge can add 170 miles in as little as 30 minutes) probably helps too. At the rate Tesla is going with its charger installation and Gigafactory, which aims to make EVs cheaper and more ubiquitous, usage rates may see another sharp increase.