Elon Musk tweeted on Christmas Day that a new package of upgrades for the Tesla Roadster was coming soon that would increase its range to around 400 miles. The Tesla blog has released details of the improvements, which consists of three major components:

  • An improved 70 kWh battery that delivers 31% more energy but fits in the same space as the original 56 kWh battery.
  • A computer-optimized aero kit that reduces drag from 0.36 Cd to just 0.31 Cd – a 15% improvement.
  • New tires with 20% lower rolling resistance.

Add it all together and the Roadster 3.0 package is expected to increase range by 40 – 50%, and that’s enough juice to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco without recharging. In fact, the company is planning just such a demonstration run early in 2015 to prove its claims, similar to how it crossed the U.S. earlier this year in a Model S to demonstrate the Supercharger network.

The package will be available to customers in the Spring of 2015, after safety tests of the new battery are completed. No information on the cost of the upgrade package has been released as of this moment. Tesla has hinted that this may not be the last upgrade package for the Roadster, which has been out of production for two years. Eventually Tesla will probably build a successor to the original Roadster, but for now these upgrades should hold over true early adopters..

Roadster customers are hopeful the new battery will also be compatible with the company’s Supercharger network, but Tesla has not provided any information on that subject yet.