More than any other country, China is committed to phasing out cars with internal combustion engines and phasing in cars powered by electric motors. As part of that strategy, it has begun an aggressive campaign to install fast charging equipment throughout the country. Tesla has its own Supercharger network but it is not compatible with the Chinese standard.

Tesla dual charging port for China

Photo credit: cnBeta

Tesla builds electric cars and it has every intention of being part of the Chinese automobile marketplace, which is now the largest in the world. The problem is that the connector Tesla uses for its Supercharger fast charging network are not compatible with the Chinese fast charger network.

Now, Tesla has modified the Model S and Model X cars it sells in China so they can be charged by either a Supercharger or a standard Chinese GB/T DC fast charger. The twin charging ports are arrange side by side behind a pop out door that looks similar to a conventional gas filler door located in the left rear fender. The normal Tesla charging port integrated into the left tail light is no longer there. Existing Tesla customers will be provided with the necessary charging adapters at no cost.

China expects to have 12,000 fast charging points nationwide by 2020 as part of its infrastructure development program to support the needs of more electric cars. Tesla has committed to having 1,000 Superchargers in operation by the end of this year with more scheduled in the future.

As many as 60 of them are being installed right now in a prestigious shopping mall in  Shanghai. When that project is completed, it will be the largest Supercharger location in the world.

China is a vitally important market for Tesla, so it is doing everything it can to make Chinese customers comfortable with the idea of buying one of its electric automobiles. There is no word at present whether Model 3 cars built for delivery in China will have the dual charging port arrangement.

Source: Teslarati