In April, Tesla Motors introduced a new event for owners. Called the Tesla Weekend Social, it provides a way for local owners to come together, enjoy a light breakfast, socialize, and learn more about the latest news from the company. The first event took place in April. Tesla factory

The announcement to owners came in an e-mail that read, “This new event series was designed exclusively for owners. Over a light breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with Tesla product experts, learn more about latest product features and speak with fellow owner enthusiasts.”

This past weekend, Tesla held its most recent social. It used the occasion to announce that production at the factory has been at 2,000 cars a week or more for the past two weeks. The increase in production will make it possible for Tesla to get close to the 100,000 car mark for the year. It says.

Tesla used this latest event to say more about the recently re-introduced Model S 60. It is intended to make owning a Model S affordable for more people with a lower base price of $66,000. That is $4,000 less than the entry level Model S 60 cost when it was phased out several months ago.

The new Model S actually comes with a 75kWh battery that is software limited to 60 kWh. Buyers may chose to upgrade to the larger capacity for an additional fee of $8,500 at the time of purchase. That option costs $9,000 if selected after the car is manufactured. The new offering is also available with dual motors for an additional $5,000.

Tesla told people at the social event that more than 90% of its cars now require no further attention after they come off the assembly line before being shipped to their new owners. The Model X still needs a bit more post-production tweaking, but its numbers are now very close to the Model S. No doubt, having Elon Musk sleeping at the end of the production line checking each Model X personally has helped lower the defect rate significantly.

Source: Electrek | Photo credit: Tesla Motors