Tesla Hiring Veterans

Elon Musks’s Tesla Motors is leading the way when it comes to building the cars of the future, selling more of its Model S electric sedans than the established, gas-burning Mercedes S class or Audi A8s throughout last year. Still, that’s not all the company is doing to right the wrongs of the oil industry. Tesla is making hiring veterans of the war in the Middle East a priority.

“We want to be known throughout the veteran community as a great place to work,” said Arnnon Geshuri, Tesla’s vice president of human resources, in a recent interview. “Veterans are a great source of talent for Tesla, and we’re going after it.”

Tesla’s workforce is expanding rapidly in preparation for next year’s launch of the Model X crossover and the new, entry-level Tesla sedan (which, apparently, will not be called the Model E when it debuts next year). As of this writing, Tesla has more than 6,000 employees, and nearly 5% of those are veterans – including Tesla’s logistics director, former Navy officer Adam Plumpton.

Tesla isn’t just going after former service members, either. The San Jose Mercury News recently interviewed one Army National Guardsman who just returned from deployment:

Deployments can be disruptive for both employers and employees, but Tesla industrial engineering technician and National Guard member Megan Gates said the company was very accommodating when she, in August 2011, was activated to Camp Roberts near Paso Robles for two years. Tesla held her job open for her, and Gates returned to work in November.

“I spent two years living in barracks repairing equipment and supporting returning units,” said Gates, 35. “But Tesla kept in touch with me, and the company made the transition back super easy. I came straight back to work.”

While Gates was stationed at Camp Roberts, she became a squad leader and was promoted to sergeant. At Tesla, she was recently promoted to a production supervisor in powertrain, which is basically the brain of Tesla’s electric cars. Her promotion goes into effect after she returns from two weeks of Guard training at Fort Irwin, California, later this month.

“I give it 100 percent, whether I’m in uniform in the Guard or in jeans and a T-shirt at Tesla,” said Gates. “The military gives you technical skills and experience working on a team, and manufacturing is all about following directions but being flexible.”

You can read more about Tesla Motors and its pro-veteran hiring program and see more pictures of Tesla’s military hires at the Mercury News’ website by visiting the source link, below, and lets us know what you think of Tesla Motors’ latest hiring/PR coup in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!




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