Tesla Model X now comes with 6 passenger seating option

On the eve of the official introduction of the Tesla Model X on September 29, the company has given customers a new choice when configuring their cars. Up till now, every Model X came standard with 7-passenger seating — two in front, three in the middle, and two in the rear. The second-row seat consisted of a solid bench contoured for three passengers. It could only be moved forward and back as a unit.

Just a few days ago, reservation holders for the Signature Series Model X (they will be the first cars built) were notified that they could specify a new 6-passenger seating option at no additional cost instead. Changing their order would not delay the manufacture or delivery date of their car, but they had to let the company know their final decision within 24 hours.

According to Hybrid Cars, the new arrangement replaces the second-row bench seat with 2 individual seats that can be moved forward and back independently. At first glance, the optional arrangement seems to offer passengers more room to move around during trips and easier access to the third row seat in the rear of the vehicle as well. It is unknown at this time whether they fold to permit more cargo storage, but they will definitely make it possible for longer items like skis to be carried inside the passenger compartment.

Tesla has already shown itself to be incredibly responsive to customer suggestions. It is unlikely that the individual seating option was just thought of. It’s more┬álikely this is something Tesla planned to introduce later but decide to offer now because a number of customers requested it. In the world of SUVs, room for 7 passengers is almost a requirement, but few people every actually drive with 7 people on board. The 6 passenger option makes for a cleaner, less cluttered interior.

If you were building your Model X today, which seating plan would you choose?