Drag Times loves to play with the Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode. Recently, it loaded one onto a Mustang Dyno to get a peak into what sort of numbers the car is capable of down at the contact patch where the rubber meets the road. We here at enrg.io are big fans of all things Tesla. For a few additional articles about the Model S, please click here and here.

The test was a little rocky at first. The car suffered a loss of power and several error codes popped up. That’s not unusual during a dyno run when the car’s computer is perplexed because the wheels are spinning wildly but no forward movement is taking place. Also, the air suspension was set to High initially. When the test began, the car automatically lowered itself, which loosened the hold down straps. Good thing the driver noticed the change before the Plood launched itself thought the back wall of the shop!

It took the Drag Times crew a while to settle everything down but when they did, they were stunned by the results. The dyno readings put the maximum torque at 920.37 pounds-feet. They say that may actually be low. Drag Times noted that there was wheelspin every time they approached maximum torque and that the battery state of charge was only 88% during the final testing. They estimate that if the wheelspin could be controlled and the battery was fully charged, 950 pounds-feet of torque would probably be available. In addition to the torque numbers, the dyno reported maximum horsepower of 588.79 during the testing.

Watching the car straining at the hold down straps as it spools up to speed is fascinating and a little frightening, but the sound it makes while on the dyno is exciting stuff. Drag Times put this comment on the video they made of the dyno test:

“We dyno test the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus on an AWD Mustang Dyno and the torque numbers it put down are huge!”

In this case, “huge” may actually be an understatement.


Source | Image: Drag Times via Inside EVs

Source | Video: Drag Times via YouTube