A crew of fire fighters responding to a traffic accident got a bit of a shock (Ha!) when the fire engine they were working from was rear ended by a Tesla Model S. A Tesla Model S, it should be noted, that was driving itself using Tesla’s supposedly “legit” Autopilot software.

While there were no injuries reported in the Tesla v. fire engine encounter- which is to be expected, kind of– it’s worth wondering how much faith we should put in all these autonomous car promises. Especially since, you know, a fire engine is a pretty big, pretty visible thing that the car should have seen, IMO. Even if the driver, admittedly, “wasn’t paying attention” to the road.

You can read the comments from the Culver City Fire Fighters about the incident with Tesla’s Autopilot crash, below, then let us know what you think of the company’s latest Autopilot fail in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



Engine 42 was struck by a Tesla while working a motorcycle down call on the 405 Freeway this morning. The driver reports the Tesla was on autopilot and he was not paying attention. Amazingly there were no injuries! Please stay alert while driving!



Source | Images: Culver City Firefighters (Local 1927), via Draagspeed.