The Tesla Model S has limited color palette of conservative, traditional colors, but has rumor has it that more colors are coming for Model S buyers. These new hues could include with more attention grabbing tones, closer to what was offered on the original Tesla Roadster.

While the aftermarket has already modified some Model S sedans to wear non-stock colors to striking effect, Tesla itself may soon offer a widery variety of hues for Model S buyers. According to an insider at PPG, Tesla’s paint supplier, the.electric automaker is looking into shades closer to those available on the original Tesla Roadster.

Though the Model S technically has nine color choices, the colors are all traditional shades of grey, white, black and brown. But if these pictures from Teslarati are to be believed, Tesla is at the very least testing out a variety of different blue tones, in addition to some more outlandish colors like orange, yellow, and even a purple. A purple Model S? Sure, why not!

If you recall, the Tesla Roadster came in a bunch of colors, appealing to its sports car nature, that included blue, orange, and bright green hues. While the Model S is perhaps a more “mature” car, people still like wild and weird colors for their expensive automobiles. Having looked over the current Tesla color palette, it could definitely use a shake-up.

Personally, I’d like to see an electric yellow Model S, something that grabs your attention as it silently speeds past you on the highway. What colors do you think would improve the look of the Model S?

Source: Teslarati