In his most recent quarterly report, Elon Musk let slip that the $35,000 Tesla Model III concept might finally debut early next year…just don’t hold him to that timeline. With so many months between us and any official whiff of what the 200-mile mass market EV might look like, we’re left to wonder and gawk over whatever renderings the Internet provides.

tesla-model-iii-2This latest original rendering of the Tesla Model III from EasyCharge.me makes it a crossover rather than the sedan many seem to be expecting. The addition of suicide doors could give it a simple-but-nifty standout feature…you know, besides the 200-mile electric driving range.

Suicide doors are much easy to engineer than falcon-wing doors I’m sure, though there’s a reason they’re rarely put into production (on cars at least), especially with today’s strict safety standards. That doesn’t make them any less cool though; if anything, suicide doors are that much cooler for the (supposed) lack of safety. The rendering combines the styling cues of both the Tesla Model S and Model X, including the same corporate nose, but there’s nothing radical or appalling about this rendering. It is arguably the most complete and likely rendering of the Tesla Model III that I’ve seen yet.

It also raises the idea that the Model III may not be a sedan. If anything, a crossover makes more sense for the Model III, offering greater versatility in a compact package. Sedan sales have been slowly falling across almost every brand as well, as consumers seem increasingly drawn towards the crossover category.

This is, in my opinion, the best Model III rendering yet, and one I might actually buy. Would you?