If I had even a speck of artistic talent, I’d utilize it designing the cars of the future. One company I’d definitely want to work for is Tesla Motors. Hyoon Jason Kim is lucky and talented enough to have landed an internship at Tesla, and he has sketched an eye-grabbing subcompact Tesla concept car that could hint at things to come.

Kim’s concept definitely draws on the Model S influence, especially in the bubble top design, though the design has its own unique elements as well. I really like the slitted headlight design as well, though the NHTSA may have something to say about such a design.

The swooping hatchback design is futuristic-looking enough to earn a place in the Tesla stable, managing to include both muscular features in a sleek little package. It’s amazing how, without having to conform to necessities like transmission tunnels and exhaust tips, designers are so much freer to pen a more beautiful and elegant design. As it turns out, this isn’t Kim’s only electric car design…more on that later.

Could this be the Tesla Model C compact car of the future? Who knows; Elon Musk has said that Tesla is working on a wide range of models, from supercars to 3-series fighters and almost definitely a compact model. I obviously dig this concept, but what are your thoughts?

Source: Hyoon Jason Kim via Carscoop