It seems like nothing comes easy for Elon Musk these days. Ol’ Musky himself has now publicly said that Tesla has “gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell” as it rushes to get examples of its Model 3 sedan into (increasingly impatient) customers’ hands.


This delivery hell seems to have struck Tesla on two fronts. The first, obviously, is the car delivery front– a problem that seems to have been building up since 2016 when Musk, during an earnings call, warned investors TSLA’s existing delivery system would not be able to handle the expected production. “The delivery of the cars is where the investment is needed,” he said. The second, though, would have been less obvious, if not for the guys at Electrek and Seeking Alpha. Simply: it’s parts delivery.

Tesla’s inability to support its existing customers’ cars hasn’t been sufficiently reported, in my opinion. Which is to say that, IMO, people seem to be willing to “forgive” Tesla for parts delays and production quality issues that would drown a more established carmaker like Ford or VW in negative press. Musk’s solution to the problem is to bring body repairs in-house. It’s not clear how, exactly, that will speed parts deliveries, however– but maybe I’m just being negative. Check out the tweets, below …


… then let me know what you think of Tesla’s latest trip through its various hells in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Remember: you get double points for claiming the ICE is dead and referring to Elon Musk as “a real-life Tony Stark”. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Megan Gale, via Jalopnik.