Tesla Model X owners got a gift from the company this week. In an e-mail, it said it would soon be mailing them a free upper windshield sun shade. The Model X features what may be the largest front windshield in any production car. It all goes back to those iconic falcon wing doors that are its hallmark.

Tesla Model X windshield

Elon Musk hates the sliding doors that come on most minivans. When Tesla began designing the Model X, he insisted it not have them.  No ordinary rear doors, either. Those are just so ordinary, you know? And voila! The falcon wing doors were born. What Elon wants, Elon gets.

There was just one problem with the falcon wing doors. They didn’t leave any room for a sunroof. Well, that wouldn’t do, would it? So Tesla invented a gigantic windshield that sweeps back from the cowl all the way to where those doors begin. It is an amazing piece of engineering. It took a specialty glass maker in Brazil to figure out how to actually make it in quantity.

The panoramic windshield gives those inside the Model X a spectacular view of the world outside. On a clear day, you can almost see forever. It also lets in a lot of sunlight. A UV coating reduces the amount of heat transfer, but Model X owners have been begging for more protection from the sun’s harsh burning rays since the moment the first cars were delivered. Some have posted videos online to document the amount of sun that pours into the vehicle.

According to the email sent by Tesla to Model X owners, the new Front Upper Windshield Sunshade will block 66% of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield. It describes the sunshade as follows:

“To further enhance your Model X, we plan to send a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade to you directly, free of charge. The Model X sunshade can block two thirds of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield and its lightweight and flexible construction allows for easy storage and installation within seconds. To ensure we have the most up to date information, please log in to your MyTesla account and confirm your mailing address. For instructions on how to install your sunshade, click here.”

The flexible mesh sunshade attaches to the gap between the windshield and headliner, and rests on the rear view mirror assembly as seen in the photo below. Tesla has provided the full instructions for installing the sunshade in PDF form on its website.

Of course, installing the sunshade takes away a bit from the panoramic windshield experience. But if you are one of those people who truly enjoys that “sunshine on my shoulder feeling,” no one is forcing you to install it. And at least it’s free.

Tesla Model X sunshade

Source: Teslarati  Photo credits: Tesla Motors