While the kinks are worked out, Tesla is starting to move Roadsters off the production line slowly.

27 Roadsters are currently in various stages of assembly, and the company hopes to reach a monthly production rate of 100 cars by this December.

In a blog post on the company website, Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori has reprinted the content of a note he sent to customers last Friday in which he states that Tesla has finally “broken the logjam” and already delivered 9 Roadsters to California.

The Roadsters are being produced in the U.K., but Tesla recently announced that their next car, a sedan called Model S, will be produced in California.

The company is working on an advanced next generation powertrain that they hope to incorporate into the Roadster by this September. The current lack of this powertrain — and the present requirement to use one designed out-of-house — is a large part of what’s keeping production limited through the end of the year.

I’m sure all those Tesla Roadster “wait-listers” are happy that the cars are finally being produced, especially given the months of delays they’ve had to endure.

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Image Credits: Tesla Motors