When Tesla introduced the Model 3 to the world on March 31, it showed that car with an available glass roof. Reaction from Tesla fans was overwhelmingly positive. The all-glass roof made the car look sleek and futuristic. Yesterday, Tesla added a glass roof option to the Model S sedan. The result transforms the look of Tesla’s big sedan. Cost of the optional roof is $1,500.

Tesla Model S glass roof

On its website, Tesla claims the glass roof will offer “an open, expansive cabin feel.” There is a significant difference between this new option and the motorized panoramic sunroof feature, which has caused headaches for owners due to its tendency to leak. The glass roof does not have the center cross beam that other Model S sedans have, further enhancing its wide open feel. Instead, the roof is one continuous piece of glass, similar to the panoramic windshield featured on the Model X. That glass starts at the cowl and swoops back over the front seats to the center of the roof in one unbroken flow. That glass is manufactured in Brazil. There is no word on where the glass sunroof will be made.

During the reveal for Tesla’s Solar Roof last Friday, Elon Musk casually dropped the news that Tesla has a new division called Tesla Glass where innovative things are taking place. Clearly, Tesla Glass has been heavily involved in the Solar Roof project and apparently led the way forward for development of the glass roof for the Model S. The glass itself must be very strong if it allows the company to delete the center cross brace without sacrificing the structural integrity of the vehicle, especially during a rollover.

It is easy to speculate about whether the company could embed solar cells into the glass roof at some point in the future. That would allow the cars to harvest electricity from sunlight to help keep their batteries charged up. The result would be longer range, at least for people who live in sunnier climes.

The Model S was designed 6 years ago. Some would expect it to look a bit dated by now but the new glass roof reinvigorates the visual appeal of the car. It looks as modern and up to date today as it did when the cars first started rolling off the assembly line. A new front end treatment earlier this year helped as well.

Tesla does not have annual model changes the way other manufacturers do. It believes in the theory that good design is timeless but it doesn’t mind making updates on occasion. Keeping the same basic look helps limit depreciation, which keeps resale values high. Expect the new glass roof option to be selected by a majority of people who order their Model S from now on.

Sources: Teslarati & CleanTechnica | Photo by Tesla