It took a while for the Porsche Mission e to get an official name. Even after settling on Taycan, however, it seems like Porsche wasn’t done naming stuff. So with that, meet the German fast-charging station with a brand new name: Porsche Pit Stop.

Part of the company’s planned EV charging network of 500 EV charging stations in North America, the Porsche Pit Stop is scheduled to be installed next. Just in time for the launch of the all-electric Porsche Taycan, in fact. Once ready, they’ll be able to charge the Taycan’s 800-volt battery in “ultra fast” time … whatever that means.

Even that charging network, though, is just part of a bigger plan to make Porsche buyers forget that there’s another super ultra fast charging network out there for a similarly fast, electric sedan. Porsche pretty much admits to it in the following excerpt from their release.


The same point of contact is always there: The charging stations are the single customer touchpoint with the driver of an electric car. Porsche Engineering designed the charging stations with the highest standards in terms of design and ergonomics for a positive charging experience while focusing in equal measure on the highest functionality and economy. As the engineers removed everything from the charging station that wasn’t absolutely required at the customer touchpoint and packed it into FlexBoxes, a streamlined appearance could be achieved—and thus a typical Porsche design identity.


Porsche goes a really, really long way to avoid saying the “T” word in any of its communications. It’s just implied, you know? Regardless, the Taycan is shaping up to be the automotive version of the Microsoft Zune, as far as I can tell. What about you guys? Anyone think I’ve gotten it wrong and that Porsche’s gotten it right? Let me know, in the comments.


Porsche Pit Stop Charging Station

Source | Images: Porsche, via Electrek.