There are a lot of reasons to visit France whether you’re a history buff, a romantic, or for the legendary racing action. In a bid to cash in on the electric car craze sweeping France, a resort in the French Alps is offering tourists a chance to live out their racing dreams with electric cars and an ice-covered race track.

I’ve covered a few electric ice racing series before, but these events were populated by professional or semi-pro racers who do this sort of thing for a living. The resort of La Crusez, however, will open a dedicated ice racing track where you can be taught to drive by a professional, or even take part in a 12-person team challenge over the course of an hour, reports InTheSnow. Prices start at €10 for a 10-minute lesson and rise to €80 per person for the team driving challenge.

So now the question is what will you be driving? Why none other than the Renault Twizy, Europe’s best-selling electric car, depending on your definition of “car”. With just a 13-kilowatt/17.5 horsepower engine it isn’t exactly a Tesla Model S, and the 62-mile range is only possible with a light foot and under ideal conditions. Yet the Twizy does have two things going for it, a sub 1,000-lb curb weight and rear-wheel drive, which give it incredible agility and the ability to get sideways on asphalt, nevermind an ice rink-like race track.

Screw the Eiffel Tower or the French Riviera; I wanna drive electric cars on ice!

via Inside EVs