The 11 Best Fuel Efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2019

It’s getting dark pretty early, these days– and the air is getting colder. For many, it’s time to put their bikes up for the season. For others, further south, it’s finally cool enough to start putting serious miles on them again. For nearly all motorcyclists, however, the winter is special for another reason: the new bikes are out! With new bikes come new lists. As such, it’s time for Gas 2 to once again put together our annual list of the Best Fuel Efficient Motorcycles you can buy. This list, like the others, is divided into categories, and the “winner” is selected for wildly arbitrary reasons based impressions gathered in 20+ years of riding experience as much as it is for its “green” cred. So, check out our choices, below, then tel...

State of the Industry 2018: Electric Motorcycles

While many electric motorcycles have come and gone, some elmoto manufacturers have remained in business and even grown. We’ll look at the state of two-wheeled electrification, big and small, slow and fast in 2018.

Yamaha Teases Motoroid Electric Motorcycle AI for Tokyo

Yamaha Teases Motoroid Electric Motorcycle as an AI-powered companion for riders set to launch at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show later this month.

Yamaha T7 Adventure Tourer Concept (20 Photos)

Yamaha T7 Adventure Touring Concept bows for EICMA with 20 awesome Photos and am incredible racing history launch video in HD!

The 11 Best Fuel Efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2016

This is it: the semi-official list of the 11 best fuel efficient motorcycles your money will be able to buy in 2016, courtesy of Gas 2. Enjoy!

The 11 Best Fuel-efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2015

This is it: the semi-official list of the 11 best fuel-efficient motorcycles your money will be able to buy in 2015, courtesy of Gas 2. Enjoy!

2015 Yamaha MT125 is Gunning for Honda Grom

The 2015 Yamaha MT125 is a small-displacement urban commuter set to snatch up young, trendy professionals who want to ride to work, but don't want to pedal.

Yamaha Electric Motorcycles Get Production Greenlight

The Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles debuted at the 2013 Toyko Auto Show, and the Japanese motorcycle maker has greenlit both for production.

Yamaha and Gordon Murray Team Up For Motiv City Car

Remember the Gordon Murray-designed T.27 and T.27 electric city vehicles? Well those vehicles were built to demonstrate Murray’s new iStream design and assembly system, designed to streamline production. Yamaha announced that it would be the first automaker to embrace Murray’s system, producing a line of gas and electric-powered city cars aimed at Europe. The Yamaha Motiv, as it will be called, still requires production approval from the tippy-top, but things seem solid enough to make this major announcement. Murray and Yamaha first discussed such a vehicle 5 years ago, but the project didn’t really begin until 2011, as the curtain of the global recession finally started to lift. What sets apart Murray’s iStream process is the elimination of metal stamping and spot-welding vehicles togethe...

The 13 Best Fuel-efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2013

The Chicago Tribune recently published its "top 10" most fuel-efficient motorcycles list ... but it was terrible, full of plot holes, and may have been translated from French. My list is better, because there's 13 of them, and it's 2013 now. Bam!

2012 Brings New Electric Bicycles From Yamaha

Yamaha’s electric bikes did well enough this year that Yamaha Motors is expanding their lineup for 2012 by another five models. The new electric assist bicycles – 2012 MY – will go on sale on January 30th. The common point for all new models is the easy battery level tracking system; until 20% charge is reached, the battery level is shown in increments of 10%. Below 20%, the battery level is shown decreasing in increments of 1%. Yamaha is also offering a 2-year warranty on the battery, and a 3-year warranty on everything else, hoping to recreate and improve on the popular aspects of their 2011 models. Five New PAS Models in Total The new target demographic is women in their 20s, for whom Yamaha has designed the PAS Ami. The bike comes in light pink and has increased battery capacity (from ...

Yamaha’s Zuma 50: 132 mpg of fun!

I spoke with Yamaha's Tim Olsen about their Zuma 50 and Zuma 125, both excellent scooters for new riders and young urban commuters. The 50 gets a mind-boggling 132 mpg, and must be loads of fun to ride. I only say this because I haven't ridden one yet, but I know of at least one very talented racer whose preferred mode of commuting 60 miles to work is on his Zuma 50.