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Toyota Releases Thousands of Hybrid Patents

In a complete reversal of its longstanding policy, Toyota has decided to stop suing every manufacturer that dares to offer a hybrid vehicle to the public in an effort to protect its more than 24,000 patents on the technology. It says everyone is free to use those patents without paying royalties from now until 2030. Why? Because it thinks there is more money to be made consulting with others than preserving the moat it has built around it hybrid systems. Toyota executives believe that other companies will be happy to pay it fees to use its tech, saying “when (other companies) use Toyota’s motors, batteries, PCUs, control ECUs, and other vehicle-electrification system technologies as part of their power train systems,” according to Green Car Reports.   More Hybrids for More People Toyo...

LA 2018: Volvo Shows Off Autonomous Car Breakthrough

While I was busy scribbling away at our annual Best Fuel Efficient Motorcycles list, the 2018 LA Auto Show (going by the name, “Automobility 18”) got underway with announcements from several major brands. I’ll kick that coverage off, then, with one of my favorites: Volvo. Volvo did something pretty wild in LA, too. They didn’t show a single car. That’s right. No shiny, new S60 sedan. No tire-shredding Polestar hybrid supercar. Not even an electric version of the hot-selling XC40 crossover. No cars, then– just “an experience”. An experience, and some ground-breaking new lidar technology that will help make autonomous cars exponentially safer in complex, high traffic situations. New tech that makes future cars safer … gotta love that, rig...

Google Maps Adds Motorcycle Option

Anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time on two wheels will tell you that the best route for a car isn’t always the best route for a bike. This is especially apparent when plotting a road trip on Google Maps, but the big Goog has made that particular anxiety a thing of the past with a new “motorcycle” route option. The new feature, originally launched in India, now also available in countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Google Maps’ new motorcycle option takes into consideration the fact that bikes tend to have shorter operating ranges, which increases the number of necessary stops. It also removes roads that are not “motorcycle friendly”, uses landmarks in addition to of...

CES 2018: Expect Annoying Ads in Your Car, Soon

CES 2018: A new startup called Telenav is hoping to help OEMs put Annoying Ads in Your New Car as a way to reduce consumer costs.

Mazda: New Survey Shows 71% Don’t Want Autonomous Cars

A New Survey commissioned by Mazda Shows that 71% of people- regardless of age!- Don't Want Autonomous Cars. What does that mean for the technology?

Uber Announces Plans to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo Cars

Uber has Announced an agreement to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo XC90 and S90 SPA platform autonomous Cars between 2019 and 2021.

Tesla LMP1 All-electric Race Car Concept for 2030

Automotive artists look ahead to a Tesla LMP1 All-electric Race Car Concept to challenge for LeMans glory by the year 2030.

Formula 1 Engine Rules 2021: What’s New, What’s Different?

Formula 1 is changing its engine formula (get it?) for 2021, with louder engines, more driver involvement, and lower costs aiming to attract new fans!

Deep Dive: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Transaxle (w/ Video)

An hour-long Deep Dive video explaining how the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Transaxle helps to get the hybrid minivan to 84 MPGe!

Honda Previews New Airbag for Scooters

Honda has shown Off some new Safety Tech for Scooter riders - a full body airbag that significantly reduces injuries in a crash!

Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold = More Power, Less Emissions

New Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold technology from Volkswagen and Honda means More Power, Less Emissions from new internal combustion engines.

Gas2 Week in Review, June 4: Technological Processes that Benefit EVs and Climate

This week's edition of the Gas2 Week in Review looked at several stories where technological advancements caught our readers' attention.

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