The car you see here is the T Largo. It’s a modified version of the Tesla Model X built by T Sportline, and is number 7 in what the company claims will be a 20 unit production run. A claim that seems – hopeful?

But, hey – there’s nothing worse than pulling up next to yourself at a stoplight, and that’s especially true in car-conscious Los Angeles, where T Sportline is based. To make sure that doesn’t happen, the guys at T Sportline have added carbon fiber fender flares, deleted all the chrome, and added a shocking, bright orange quilted leather interior. Lightweight wheels and matching orange calipers round out the package.

You can decide for whether all those add-on baubles make T Sportline a “tuner” or not for yourself. At the end of the day, I think it looks pretty cool, regardless. Check out the video below, then read the original press release and let us know what you think of T Sportline’s T Largo offerings in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Tesla Model X Limited Edition T Largo 7 of 20

Los Angeles – Limited to just 20 bespoke Tesla Model X P100D’s, T Sportline’s “T Largo” program offers limitless possibilities to our most ambitious clients.

The seventh iteration of the bespoke program is one of the most beautiful and aggressive customizations ever completed by T Sportline, offering an unmatched level of attention to detail. The exterior story begins with the Solid Black 2018 Model X P100D. The program’s exclusive carbon fiber front splitter, widened fender arches, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing all retain their original gloss carbon fiber finish which contrasts against the black factory paint.

Normally, T Sportline’s Chrome Delete Package wraps the Autopilot Fender Markers, Window Trim, Mirror Bases and Rear Chrome Hatch Molding in 3M Satin Black Vinyl Film. Instead, for this project, the trim was painted satin black, offering a slight contrast with the factory paint. Additionally, the 22” forged TS120 wheels have been painted satin black to match the trim. The brake calipers and P100D badge trim have been finished in Lamborghini Orange as a subtle nod toward what lay inside the cabin.

Attention to detail gives the interior a truly bespoke feel. The comprehensive customization starts with an all-black upper portion including an Alcantara dashboard, and door caps finished in supple black leather. The lower portion of the dashboard has been reupholstered in Lamborghini Orange, along with the door panels which feature T Sportline’s signature square quilted inserts. Sitting between the black and orange sections are gloss carbon fiber dash décor, door trim, and center console decor. The steering wheel is also carbon fiber and features a matching orange airbag cover.

The seats match the lower sections of the interior with new perforated Lamborghini Orange leather upholstery which also feature our signature square quilted stitching on the upper neck section. The plastic clamshell seatbacks have been replaced with carbon fiber seatbacks, as have the seat bottoms, matching the door panel inserts. Tesla’s black seatbelts were also replaced with orange webbing to better match the new upholstery.

Lastly, we comprehensively revamped the Model X’s entire audio system with our Audiophile Sound Package which includes a 13 speaker system, including subwoofer and amp, that can be custom tuned to create the perfect sound stage for all types of music. An Escort Max CI Ticket Avoidance System was also installed in the Model X.

Source | Images: TSportline, via GT Spirit.