With nearly 500 Supercharger locations spread out across the word, Tesla is moving fast to ensure its customers have easy access to their fast and free charging network. Yet there are still plenty of gaps in the Supercharger network’s coverage, and the much slower “destination chargers” just aren’t enough for some people.

That prompted Swedish business owner and Model S driver Mikael Blomqvist to contact Tesla about buying some Superchargers to install at his business center. Electrek.co reports that Tesla sold Blomqvist two 60 KW Superchargers for his business center, which are only half as powerful as the standard Supercharger, but still faster than the Level 2 destination chargers at many hotels and resorts. If the 120 KW Superchargers can top off a S85 in an hour, then the 60 KW chargers probably take about twice as long, all the way around.

Blomqvist wouldn’t specify exactly how much each 60 KW Supercharger cost him, saying only that each was “less expensive than the car”, putting it under $75,000. In its most recent SEC filing, Tesla quoted a price of about $55,000 per Supercharger unit, but I assume that’s for the 120 KW version. Tesla hasn’t publicly acknowledged that it’s willing to sell Supercharger stations to individual owners, and given its relutance to embrace a traditional dealership sales model, I’m not entirely convinced this is a new business model, and not just a one-off special case.

Then again, with the announcement of the Tesla Energy home battery system and the growing prevalence of destination charging stations, I don’t see why Tesla wouldn’t want to add an additional revenue stream to its balance sheets.