Peraves Ecomobile Monotracer

Peraves’ Ecomobile Monotracer is an innovative, fully-enclosed enclosed motorcycle that uses its low mass, superior aerodynamics, and powerful BMW engine to deliver staggering performance. From 0-60 times and top speeds that rival the world’s fastest sportscars to fuel economy that made a customer Peraves a real contender to win the Automotive X-Prize to head-turning, hyper-exoitc styling, the Peraves delivers … just as it has for each of its more than thirty (30) years in production.

In contrast, the Suprine Exodus from Baltimore, Maryland that made its debut this week does not deliver. It is, in this writer’s opinion, nothing more than a terribly executed Peraves rip-off that isn’t worth the BMW K1200LT its makers had to cut up to make it with, let alone the ridiculous $55,000 asking price. I know, I totally thought it was a typo, too!

In place of Peraves’ advanced composite windscreen, the Suprine Exodus makes do with an ill-fitting strip of clear Lexan. In place of Praves’ patented landing gear that can lift the bike in the event of a fall or help to do some pretty amazing hard-cornering stunts, the Suprine Exodus makes do with your calf muscles. In place of Peraves’ expertly conceived and wind-tunnel-honed aerodynamics, the Suprine Exodus tries to sell us on its “naked” design … I’m sorry, I was going to day “design aesthetic” but I started laughing too hard to type.

Now that I think about it, I have this all wrong! I think the makers of the Suprine Exodus aren’t really engineers or designers – and they probably didn’t expect anyone to think that they were! – I think they’re comedians. If they’re comedians, then I think I get it. The Exodus is just that, it represents the exodus of good taste, style, sophistication, and technical ability from the motorcycle design scene.

It’s a commentary on the fact that what were, arguably, the most advanced motorcycle designs of the past hundred years are now over 20 years behind us in the form of the first Bimota Tesi and the RATZ250 racer. It’s a plea for just one more Carl Fogarty and one more Ducati 916 so that we can appreciate how good we have it and politely avert our eyes as Ducati becomes a crappy Italian copy of Harley Davidson that is, somehow, both fatter and slower.

Funny guys, these Suprine dudes. Funny. Here’s their rolling joke, below (I didn’t think it was worth the headline photo).


Sources | Photos: Gizmag, Peraves.