Vespa’s APE three-wheeler is a 3rd-world workhorse of the first order, combining low cost, easy maintenance, high utility, and globally available parts into a package that is tough to beat (just as the Tata Nano guys). In some markets, the APE (and APE-type vehicles) are generically referred to as “Tuk Tuks”, and that’s what you’re looking at here: the Tuk Tuk Factory’s new e-Tuk Vendo.

The e-Tuk Vendo is (as Charis would say) exactly what it says on the tin. It’s electric. It’s Tuk Tuk-ish, and it’s been made with small-scale street vendors in mind.

Tuk Tuk Factory has already begun production of the 35 mph electric trike for the EU market, where the region’s vendors will enjoy special tax status for their alt-fuel commercial vehicle and a 30+ mile range, courtesy of the bike’s lead-acid wet T105 battery. That battery, by the way, has a 3 year duty-cycle and costs significantly less to replace than more exotic li-ion batteries.

Check out Tuk Tuk Factory’s official e-Vendo press release, here …

Tuk Tuk Factory Launches a 100% Electric Vending Van, the e-Tuk Vendo

DIEMEN, the Netherlands, May 3 – On the 24th of April, the Dutch Company Tuk Factory launched a new vehicle, the e-Tuk Vendo. The e-Tuk Vendo is 100% electric vending van intended for mobile catering. The first customer, Toeti Froeti, will use the vehicle for selling fruit shakes and fruitcups.

The e-Tuk Vendo has an autonomy of 70 kilometers and can be charged during stopovers. The vehicle’s battery is large enough to keep the refrigerator cool while driving. Connecting the e-Tuk Vendo to the mains during a stopover powers the refrigerator as well as the other systems on board – water pumps etc. The Vendo’s right side offers 3 cubic meters of selling space, the rear side offers space for storage. Folding away the side panel creates a canopy, and a working table can be extended from the vehicle.

Tuk Tuk Factory already produced a fully electric e-Tuk Classico (seating 3 persons in the back) and an electric e-Tuk Limo (seating 6 persons in the back). “Making a move towards the e-Tuk Vendo and later Cargo is a small and logic step,” according to Roland Vos, director Tuk Tuk Factory. The incentive to start making these vehicles resulted from the numerous requests we received for vending vans with a fun factor. “We can see a substantial market emerging in the area of distribution and sales of biologic and sustainable foods. The go-local trend drives and accelerates this emerging market need. These initiatives find it important that their distribution and sales van is clean & green, it’s often a side condition in their marketing concept.”

Alexander Mascini, head of sales of Tuk Tuk Factory, says he receives “requests from every country on the globe for electric vending vans, even before the vehicle was launched or developed. The e-Tuk Vendo really gets noticed in the city.” Astrid van Vugt, founder of Toeti Froeti, says: “People react instantaneously and very positively, everybody turns their head, looks and smiles.”

Tuk Tuk Factory has a European type approval for these vehicles and several distributors in Europe. Tuk Tuk Factory expects to sell small quantities initially and to steadily grow the business to a few hundred units per year. De basic version of the e-Tuk Vendo is for sale from 24.000 euro, and the lead time is 3 to 4 months.

… and check out some e-Vendo press pics, below.

Source: Tuk Tuk Factory.