A recent design contest from Ferrari pitted students and artists from across the globe against each other in an effort to design a futuristic, fuel-efficient Ferrari hyper-car. The winning design came from Korea, and it is, of all things, a hydrogen hybrid.

And why not? Porsche is proving that hybrid vehicles have an immense performance potential, and Ferrari doesn’t want to be left behind by sticking with only internal combustion engines. Ferrari’s top brass initiated a contest seeking designs that have both performance and fuel efficiency at their core, and they selected a winning concept from three South Korean students.

Kim Cheon Ju, Ahn Dre, and Lee Sahngseok from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, took first place with their Eternita design in the Ferrari World Design Contest, after being selected from over 400 other entries. The Eternita sits just millimeters off the ground, with the rear wheels integrated into the body to reduce drag. Powering this futuristic Ferrari is a hydrogen-hybrid drivetrain system that will provide supercar performance with zero emissions. The three winning designers will be awarded a 3-month internship at Ferrari, where they can continue to hone their skills.

Being a concept car, the Eternita isn’t slated for production. On the same token, both the design and the name are very Ferrari-esque. Ferrari Eternita. Sounds like something Enzo himself might come up with. I guess the real question though is, will Ferrari ever produce a true zero-emissions sports car? Or are they just posturing, looking like they want to do something, without actually doing anything?

Source: Ferrari | Wired

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