Recipients of the Tesla newsletter, such as Zachary Shahan, editor of CleanTechnica, were surprised today when Tesla announced a new over the air update that lowers the 0-60 time for both the Tesla Model S 75 and Model X 75 by one full second. Not only is that a significant performance increase, it proves the worth of Tesla’s ability to update is cars wirelessly. It’s like Chevrolet calling you up and telling you they swapped out that 327 V8 in your Chevelle SS for a 396 big block with solid lifter while you were sleeping. Cool beans!

Tesla update

A one second drop in acceleration times is astonishing. The company has not released any details about this miracle came to pass. If we hear more on that subject, we will be sure to pass the information along. Tesla recently deleted the rear wheel drive single motor Model S 75. All Model S and Model X cars are now equipped with dual motors.

Tesla wasn’t done, though. The announcement indicates that air suspension is now standard on both the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV. In addition to a softer, more controlled ride, the Tesla Smart Air Suspension automatically adjusts the height of the vehicle to adapt to conditions. Among other things, that means lowering the ride height at highway speeds to improve aerodynamic efficiency and greater range.

The latest update also adds automatic high beams to all cars in all markets, according to CNET. The feature was previously available only in certain areas. When the system does not detect any oncoming traffic, it activates the high beams to let the driver see further down the road, then switches them off automatically when a car approaches in the opposite lane. A small indicator light on the gauge cluster alerts drivers that the system has been activated. It is controlled from theĀ “Lights” portion of the touchscreen controls to activate or deactivate the feature.

Chances are drivers will be more excited about the performance improvement than the automatic headlight upgrade but Tesla’s ability to keep all of its cars wirelessly over the internet remains one of the less talked about but valuable features that set Tesla apart from all other automakers.