The SleepBus is a new way to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back again quickly and painlessly. Lots of people have a plan for making that journey easier. Elon Musk is proposing a high tech system called the Hyperloop to move people quickly and efficiently between the two cities. California is moving ahead with plans for a high speed rail corridor. Both are projected to cost billions. Fares will be commensurate.


The SleepBus costs just $48 during its introductory phase. But even its regular fare of $65 is more than affordable for the nearly 400 mile long trip. The SleepBus is actually a Volvo truck hitched to a long trailer with individual sleep pods. Each pod has an electric outlet to power your digital devices. There is a desk for you to use during the journey and, of course, wifi is provided.

Passengers can bring along up to three suitcases. There is even room for bicycles in the luggage compartment. Coffee and tea are provided during the 7 hour journey. The SleepBus leaves at 11 o’clock in the evening and arrives at approximately 6 am the next morning. Passengers arrive rested and refreshed, rather than harried and frazzled by the rigors of airport security and sleeping upright in an uncomfortable airplane seat. They are welcome to stay aboard until 7:30 am.

True, you can fly from city to city in under 2 hours, but that means getting to the airport, checking in, enduring the indignities of airport security, and then finding a way from the airport into the city at the end of your journey. The SleepBus leaves from the Caltrain station in San Francisco and arrives at the Santa Monica Pier outside LA where there are a variety of public transportation options available.

Some people say that instead of high speed rail, they would be happy with reliable train service that just departs and arrives when it is supposed to. The SleepBus may be the next best thing. Traveling at night, it avoids most congestion issues so it can maintain its regular schedule easily. The idea of having a private space and a bed for less than that price of plane fare seems like a practical and appealing way to travel between California’s two largest cities.

Initial response to the SleepBus has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the company has more customers than it can accommodate and has ordered 10 more buses. They are expected to be in service by August of this year. Just goes to show that not all good ideas these days have to come from the tech world.

Source: AutoBlog. Photo credit: SleepBus