Silent Hawk

The military industrial complex isn’t all bad. The space program gave us Tang and Al Gore. Now, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, popularly known as DARPA, is giving us the SilentHawk, a two wheel drive hybrid electric motorcycle designed for long distance stealth travel. From now on, while the bad guys are busy scanning the skies for drones, we can sneak up on a fleet of these death dealing devices, administer the coup de grace, and return to base in time for chow without making a sound.

Funded by a DARPA grant, Alta Motors (formerly BRD), and Logos Technologies will combine their talents to create the SilentHawk. Starting with Alta’s RedShift electric motorcycle, Logos will add its “proven quiet, multi-fueled hybrid-electric power system, developed for a separate unmanned aerial vehicle program.” Notice that such carefully worded spook-speak tells us absolutely nothing. But what can you expect from an organization that says on its website, “Logos Technologies delivers innovative technology and program solutions enabling critical mission operations for government and commercial clients.”

In the press release announcing the joint project, Wade Pulliam, manager of advanced concepts for Logos Technologies says, “Quiet, all-wheel drive capability at extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle would support the successful operations in extreme terrain conditions and contested environments. An innovative design approach, including a unique field-swappable power system concept, will allow unprecedented customizability of the bike while still meeting and exceeding the government’s challenging requirements.”

Pulliam goes on to say, “We also believe that the system resulting from this second phase of the program would have applicability to other ground vehicle systems beyond motorcycles.” Of course, that tells us nothing about what the Logos power system is.  That’t for our protection, cuz if he told us, then he’d have to…….well, you know the drill!

Whatever the new SilentHawk is, it should be fully field tested and ready for combat duty in about 18 months.