Most of our past articles on electric scooters have covered new offerings from manufacturers or changes to laws and regulations. Today, we are going in a different direction: SICK ELECTRIC SCOOTER TRICKS!

As my regular readers know, I’m a Youtube aficionado. In my most recent binge, I set out to find videos of riders doing carzy tricks on electric scooters. I won’t lie to you friends, most of the videos were quite lame. I did however, find five that will not disappoint.

1. Jumps and Grinds on a Bird Scooter

This video from user UOVDrummer79 features riders doing some pretty cool jumps and grinds on a Bird electric scooter. Not sure that the fine folks at Bird would approve but what are you gonna do?

2. Taking a Bird Off-road 

In this video from Dylan Stark, he and his girlfriend navigate the rocky terrain of an undisclosed location. All goes well until…Dylan blows his front tire. Enjoy!

3. A Great Grind on a Lime

This is a short one, but a good one nonetheless. In this video, Yonex Jones performs a flawless grind using a Lime electric scooter. He makes it look easy!

4. John Reyes Freestyle

This video is long, but worth watching. John Reyes performs several awesome tricks on his electric scooter in front of the famous globe sculpture in New York City. Fast forward to 12:45 to see John do 25 spins and make himself sick!

5. Sweet Tricks at a Skatepark

Claudius Vertesi is a professional scooter rider and Youtube sensation. Here he demonstrates his abilities on an electric scooter to a captive audience in Spain.

What do our readers think about these vids? Are there any others that you think deserve to make the list? Please leave a comment and post your links in the comments section below.

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