Show Me Your Dog, Show Me Your Tesla

Show Me Your Dog, Show Me Your Tesla

Let’s face it, there are some things in life that we truly love. In my experience, dogs and Teslas are two of those things. Naturally, people who have both enjoy putting the two together. Here’s a peek.

1.) Andy, the top supercharger in the competition we told you about earlier this week, often travels with his pal Macy. Here Macy poses in front of her well-traveled Model S in Canada.


2.) This gorgeous picture features a Model 3 and a white samoyed pup, a great contrast of black, white, and gray.

3.) Bonnie, long time Tesla owner and champion, dedicates a lot of her time combating misinformation about EVs, and Tesla in particular, on Twitter. She also takes a break from the serious to share her beloved pup from time to time.

4.) Even Tesla as a company loves dogs. They introduced dog mode to keep our canine friends cool and comfortable while waiting in a car.

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🖤 L E O & D A W S O N 🖤 . . . #Repost @myteslaandme ・・・ Today, the boys got to try MyTesla’s “dog mode”, which was pushed over-the-air through the latest software update a few days ago! Finally in Canada! 👏 Swipe for more photos of Leo and Dawson enjoying “TheirTesla” 🙃 while passersby are reassured that they’re safe in the car. 🐾 Isn’t it amazing that a Tesla driver tweeted Elon last October to ask for such a feature – and not only Elon responded ‘yes’ and Tesla developed the “dog mode”, but we get to have it too even if we bought the car before the feature was developed! 🐾 That’s when MyTesla feels more like a giant cellphone than a car! Love it! 😊❤️🐾 #tesla #teslamotors #teslamodel3 #model3 #teslalife #zeroemissions #myteslaandme #dogsoftesla #aussies #aussiesofinstagram #aussiedoingthings #bluemerle #teslavancouver #teslagram #tesladogmode #dogmode

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5.) Instagram user Frunkpuppy has dedicated his social media accounts to dogs and Teslas. His own pups, Wilson and Norman, inspired the look of his logo.

6.) He has also inspired the hashtag #FrunkPuppyFridays, where users post their content for a vote.

7.) This beauty has no problems posing for the camera.

8.) This goodest boy fits just right it the Radio Flyer mini Model S.

9.) Give us your tired, your poor… your adorable puppies!

10.) Good thing these seats are easy to wipe.

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The muddier the paws, the happier the dog 🐾🐾 #tesladog

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