The bike you see here is Shanghai Customs‘ Scrambler. Despite SC’s reputation as a custom bike builder, this is a for-real production bike that will go on sale later this year for between 2500 and 3000USD, making it the least expensive bike of this style currently available.

The Scrabler will be offered with Yin Xiang engines ranging from 150cc, making the bike more than accessible for new and urban riders who don’t need a thousand-cc world-beating superbike to get them from their apartment to the El. The 300cc version is expected to account for most of the business, however, if the fact that it’s the version shown in Shanghai Customs’ press material. Regardless, most of the bikes will be are air-cooled single cylinders with unit construction, a single overhead cam, 5-speed gearboxes, and carburetors (though the 450cc version, not shown is expected to have fuel injection).

In addition to the scrambler’s signature high-mounted pipe, the bike rides on 18 inch wheels front and rear, with aluminium hubs laced to gloss black steel rims. There are disc brakes front and rear, and a 9.5 liter fuel tank. A traditionally-styled leather seat with ample padding for should be enough to see both rider and passenger through longer rides, as well.

On paper and in photos, at least, it seems like Shanghai Customs has a winner. Still, it will have to overcome cultural biases against Chinese build quality that will, however unfairly, be blasted towards it on Chinese-sourced keyboards. As for me, I think it will probably be a fine bike.

What about you? Do you think it’s a winner or will that “Made in Chinabadge cross prove too much to bear? Check out Shanghai Customs’ Scrambler in the photo gallery, above, then let us know what you think of SC’s chances for success in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Shanghai Customs, via Silodrome.