Whether it’s slinky lingerie, cheap beer, or electric cars: sex sells. I’m not gonna lie to you, either – I didn’t even notice the bike underneath the girl’s skirt on first glance.

Hiding a product between a pretty girl’s legs is usually a bad sign, which makes me think that BRINK’s owners have made a terrible mistake playing the “sex sells” angle on this bike … because it seems like a pretty desirable little bike to me.

The BRINKS Golf features a 36 V, 9.6 Ah Lithium-compound battery pack mated to a 750 watt brushless electric hub-motor, giving the little bike more than enough grunt to pull an overweight, middle-aged golf enthusiast and his heavy golf clubs up even the steepest greens. The BRINK also benefits from a high-quality tube frame made from 6061 – T6 aircraft aluminum. The associated trailer is specifically designed for “easy-on, easy-off” operation. It’s built for the course, in other words, and includes both a clever nook to keep a score card in the middle of the handlebars, and a bottle holder to the left of the heavy duty aluminum rear rack.

It’s a neat little bike. See if you can spot the BRINKS Golf electric bike “hidden” in the photo above!

ProTip: it’s easier to see in the gallery, below.

Source: Fortune Hanebrink, via Gizmag.