The invention of plug-in electric cars presented a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. However, the increasing numbers of car fire accidents involving these types of vehicles have proven particularly challenging. It’s common now to watch headlines of serious accidents involving electric cars.

Like other conventional cars, electric cars are often involved in accidents due to human error, temperature, and electrical causes. However, the difference between electric car accidents and conventional car accidents is the blaze that comes with them. These fires have always proven to be a challenge to put out, even to highly skilled professionals.

And when they occur, the infernos have always resulted in the devastating loss of life and property. Yet these effects can be reduced by simply installing a car fire extinguisher.

Safe Places to Install A Fire Extinguisher in an Electric Car

While there’s no definite specification on where you should place a fire extinguisher exactly, you should keep it close to you. Nobody wants to get stuck in their seatbelt, locked, and completely unable to reach the fire extinguisher during a fire.

But, the location of an electric car extinguisher largely depends on the size of the fire extinguisher and the type of electric car that you own. Let’s go over a few of the best and safest spots to keep your extinguisher in your electric car.

Install Fire Extinguisher Under the Driver’s Seat

The space under the driver’s seat is one of the best places to install a fire extinguisher in a plug-in electric car. You will only need to purchase a universal mount that allows for the installation of any commonly used auto fire extinguishers.

With a universal mount, you don’t have to make changes to the driver’s seat or drill holes to have it installed. Having a fire extinguisher under the driver’s seat is a life-saving idea because you don’t need to struggle to access the fire extinguisher during a fire emergency.

Alternatively, you can install the fire extinguisher on the floor just in front of the passenger’s seat. This way, it’s easily accessible to the driver, especially in an emergency. For a mounted fire extinguisher, buy a well-designed mount that is easily removable. When the car catches fire, there’s very little time to search for the keys or a socket wrench. So the fire extinguisher should be easily removable.

Fire Extinguisher Under the Passenger’s Seat

Consider installing a fire extinguisher under the passenger’s seat, especially if you carpool.

  1. Buy an L-shaped aluminum and around mount
  2. Cut the L-shaped aluminum profile to the right size
  3. Drill holes for mounting the fire extinguisher
  4. Drill two other holes for mounting the cat seat

This way, the fire extinguisher won’t be caught up in the normal up and down movement of the car as you drive. And it’ll be easier to grab for your passenger when a fire starts.

Store a Fire Extinguisher Under the Boot of the Car

Some drivers prefer keeping the fire extinguisher in the boot because of the big size of the fire extinguisher. However, many car experts have argued that this is unreliable.

In case of a fire emergency, it’ll be challenging to open the door and the trunk. Any fire extinguishers you pick should be strategically placed near the driver or the co-driver, usually under the passenger or the driver’s seat. This way, you’re prepared right away when the electric car catches fire or could also be used as a hammer if the door refuses to open during the emergency.

Only You Can Prevent Car Fires

Safety in your car begins with how well prepared you are to handle emergencies. Picking up a fire extinguisher is the first step to electric car safety. Having a fire extinguisher could reduce damage or even save lives when your car catches fire.

Eventually, fire extinguisher installation in all-electric cars could be a legal requirement. Until then, make the right choice and stay safe!