Legendary moped builder Sachs rocked the established tiny-bike world when it launched the original Sachs MadAss bike in 2004. Since its launch, numerous attempts have been made to bring the bike to the US, with the bike having been sold under the Pierspeed and Tomberlin brands or as the AMG Nitro. The biggest obstacle for the cult-following bike has always been getting it emissions-certified in the US. That concern may be a thing of the past however, because Sachs just released an all-electric MadAss.

Called the SaXXX MadAss E, the latest bike delivers power and acceleration similar to its 125cc Honda-powered cousins without any harmful carbon emissions at the vehicle level. Off the line, the 0 RPM torque peak – more than 180 lb-ft of tire-shredding TQ by the way – of the electric motor might even make it the preferred choice for urban assault runs on packed city streets!

Visually, the SaXXX differs from the Sachs by not having an engine. More subtly however, the exposed frame rails are square-section tubes instead of round, which gives the bike a fresher, more modern look compared to the MadAss we’ve come to know and love over the last twelve years.

The new E version of the bike, awesome as it is, won’t be cheap. It will sell for just under 2500 Euro, which is quite a bit more than other bikes its size. This would also mean it would face off squarely against the equally iconic Honda Grom if and when it ever comes to the US.

What do you guys think? Will the EV hype and massive torque help the SaXXX sell well against the sellout success of the Honda Grom, or is the awesome marketing power of Honda just too much to overcome? Comments – leave ’em!

SaXXX MadAss E Electric Moped

Sachs Saxxx Madass E electric moped

Source | Images: TechVehi