The new Royal Enfield 650 Twin is a beautiful thing. Sure, the air-cooled parallel-twin engined bikes aren’t exactly high-tech. Then again, neither is Harley-Davidson, Enfield’s main competitor in Indian and Southeast Asia– and demand for the new Royal Enfield is strong enough that it’s driven Harley’s price down. Down by nearly 30%!!

In India– arguably Harley’s home market, these days— the Royal Enfield 650 Twins are direct rivals to the Harley-Davidson Street models. Where the Street 750s are priced at about Rs 5.3 lakh Rupees (approx. 7330USD), the Royal Enfield 650 Twin is priced from just Rs 2.3 lakh Rupees (approx. 3180USD, as I type this). That puts the Harley at more than twice the price of the Enfield. For that high price, though, you get …


ProTip: You can’t.

… yeah. The guys at HD couldn’t come up with any kind of coherent answer, either. Instead, Harley is discounting the bikes by nearly 1400USD and giving away a small raft of free accessories with each new Street model sold to allow buyers to “individualize” their bikes.

There’s a problem with that strategy, though– and that’s India, itself. Not that there’s anything wrong with India, but rather that India doesn’t have the same kind of “Biker Myth” that America has. Because of that, Harley-Davidson has to actually compete with its product as opposed to its brand … and Harley is, historically speaking, really bad at that sort of thing.

Maybe that’s just me, though. What do you guys think? Is the embattled Harley-Davidson brand doing enough to stay relevant in India, or is this just another nail in the black and orange coffin? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Rush Lane.