Roadtrek E-Trek Solar Camper

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, but is capable of operating entirely free of fossil fuels!

Built on Mercedes’ Sprinter van platform, Roadtrek’s eco-friendly E-Trek is powered by a 3.0 liter Mercedes diesel engine that’s 100% bio-diesel capable. The diesel is used as the primary power plant to drive the RV, and is also capable of feeding the E-Trek’s electrical system and batteries. When parked, the diesel generates 3.5 KW of power that gets bumped up to 5.5 KW while it’s on the move. Still, that’s not the most visible “green” feature on the E-Trek- that award goes to the roof-mounted, 245 watt solar panel array that continuously charges a bank of 8 AGM batteries and a 5000 watt power inverter (you’ll need that to plug standard 110/220 appliances into the outlets).

Roadtrek calls the E-Trek “the most eco-friendly motor home in the universe”. It’s not just an empty claim, though- they back that up with the batteries, solar panels, biodiesel engine, and even the composite body of the RV, itself, which uses a recycled cotton and denim insulation to help regulate temperature and a recycled, paper-based material in the counters and cabinets. Roadtrek is helping cut back carbon emissions and push back against harmful fracking operations as well, by totally eliminating propane and natural gas (full-timer RV staples) from the E-Trek’s operations.

You can find out more about Roadtrek’s latest E-Trek motorhome, and find a local motorhome dealer, at Check it out, then let us know what you think of the E-Trek in the comments, below.


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