We’ve been following the Sarolea story with eager anticipation since 2014. Back then, the company was just another electric motorcycle hopeful with big claims, but subsequent commitments to compete in both the Isle of Man TT (TT Zero) and LeMans have proven the company to be ambitious. Overly ambitious? Maybe– but to show they’re not all talk, the company has released some all-new photos of its road-going production bike: meet the 2019 Sarolea MANX7.

It’s an impressive piece, if the numbers are anything to go by. The MANX7 promises over 160 HP and a staggering 332 lb-ft of torque. Which is, it should be noted, more than you’d get in a base Ford F-150. By quite a lot, in fact!

So, it’s fast. The racing bike for the road is fast. That’s good- it’s supposed to be fast, but is there more to the bike, or is just about the numbers? You can read more about the new, road-legal Sarolea MANX7 electric superbike in the company’s official press release, below, then let us know what you think about the bike in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



Almost a year to the day that Saroléa competed in its fourth Isle of Man TT in a row with their SP7 race machine and their development rider Dean Harrison, the decision was made to build a road legal version of the bike – based on the racebike’s technology.

The extreme conditions and very specific set-up required to compete at the TT gave Saroléa a unique development platform regarding performance and safety. This challenging event enabled Saroléa’s R&D to gather huge amounts of information which they turned into enhanced solutions for their road-legal motorcycles.



The new MANX7 aesthetics are inspired by the first SP7 version built in 2014. Close to the original design but elegantly refined, the bike is to be considered as a first step in building the DNA of the brand. Keeping Saroléa’s strong heritage in mind, Serge Rusak and his design team thought out of the box to create an authentic and timeless sport bike – but an unexpected one!

The main idea was to assert a strong and simple « electric » message, shaped as a perfectly clean object. The beauty of its simplicity is highlighted through its stance, proportions and materials, exposing the verticality of the inner architecture. The superfluous has been eliminated, reducing the design to its basics in order to reveal the purest and most absolute form.

In addition, the use of sharp design cues and details permit and define signature elements that give the bike its unique identity. This subtle focus on detail is what elevates the new MANX7 from the simple to the refined.

In the end, all these elements emphasize the Sarolea vision: modern aesthetics, capitalizing on traditional (motorcycling) values.



Source | Images: Sarolea Motorcycles, via Asphalt and Rubber.