In their bid to emulate the success that boutique engine builders once enjoyed, Rimac is offering a series of electric motors, batteries, controllers, and driveline components that should be just the ticket to take any would-be electric supercar or racecar constructor from daydream to production reality.

Good. On. Them.

For a bit of context, consider that in a Bob Lutz-certified ‘lectric car future, batteries will be big business. Electric motors, controllers, and software will be big business too. The first supplier to get all those systems right and be able to offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient “plug n’ play” drivetrain to small-volume niche carmakers like Lotus, Nemesis, and TommyKaira will be positioned to make big money. Rimac gets that, and they’ve set the stage perfectly.

A Little Background on Rimac

Rimac began making waves back in 2011 with a crazy-fast BMW E30 converted to electric power that by the way, is still setting records. Confusingly, they followed up the go-fast BMW act with the 1000+ hp, Ferrari-stomping Concept_One supercar. Here we are then, at Act 3 of Rimac’s little stage act, and it all makes sense. This was Rimac’s endgame all along, and it’s nothing less than a plan to emulate the small-volume engine-building dominance that companies like Cosworth and Ilmor enjoyed in the last generation.

This is textbook Diffusion of Innovations stuff. Rimac tested the product quietly in their E30, and got the attention of the earliest adopters and EV champions. Next, they built a 1000 hp supercar that they never intended to be a money-maker, but which got the attention of those car enthusiasts that might serve as the early majority down the road. They got the attention of boutique carmakers by targeting their king, Ferrari, at a racetrack and stomping the Ferrari soundly. Now? You want to beat a Ferrari in a supercar with your own name on it? Rimac has the hardware – and software – you need to do it.

It’s so smart, I’m actually jealous. Here’s Rimac’s official press release:

“June 3rd, 2013. – The Rimac R&D team developed both the Concept_One and the technology under the carbon-fiber skin in order to achieve the Concept_One’s remarkable performance. Various industries and individuals can now benefit from this technology. Rimac Automobili is now offering cutting-edge technology and their services to the industry and individuals. The company’s newly updated web-site will lead you into the world of outstanding innovation and technology.”

Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac says:

“Pioneers have always been at the forefront of technological advancement of mankind. Rimac Automobili has challenged the status-quo by having the vision to revolutionize and reinvent the sportscar with its unique technology. Today we are excited to offer customers the opportunity to use our technology and know-how to create new and exciting products. Our biggest advantage is that we are to deliver the full service – powertrain, batteries, design, chassis, moulds, body-work, infotainment systems and many other aspects of the vehicle. We can lead the entire process from the idea to the finished product under one roof, what enables us to act fast and efficient. Being a car manufacturer ourselves, we know what it takes to develop a car and how hard it can be to integrate systems from various suppliers. Now it is possible to source everything from one address.”

Rimac Automobili’s CTO, Igor Pongrac explains that Rimac Automobili drivetrain systems deliver unmatched performance combined with very high energy and packaging efficiency. The high level of integration makes these systems the ideal choice for high-performance applications. Every component is matched perfectly to the entire system which results in the most power-dense systems on the market. It is also important to mention that Rimac Automobili powertrain and battery systems are designed to suit in a variety of applications – not necessarily automotive. The modular design of these components enables to be adapted fast and cost effective according to the wishes of every customer. Motors and Transmissions, Battery Systems and BMS, Power Distribution and Management, Infotainment Systems, Low Voltage Electric Systems and a variety of Auxiliary systems are only some of them as Rimac Automobili constantly engages into development activities.

Source | Images: Rimac