Day 3 was painful because I had to go to work and my ability to drive was severely limited for most of the day.

Still loved the ride.

Hooked up my phone to the built-in bluetooth, hands-free system, which was a fairly painless process, but friends on the receiving end of these hands-free calls complained about the volume and my sounding ‘far away’ (which could be attributed to my lack of height – perhaps I am at a greater distance than the average person who would be driving the car?).

Using the USB port, I hooked up my iPod and prepared to rock myself to work. While it seemed to play okay, it locked up the device controls and I was unable to make any changes from the iPod itself. It seems I have to preset the music and then plug it in. Perhaps it is better with an auxiliary plug, which is also available, but I don’t have one of those cords handy. Will have to work on that one more.

Otherwise, the sound system is very good and as you can tell, a priority to me. I’m kind of superficial in being less concerned about what is under the hood than I am about the ergonomics of the experience.

Speaking of ergonomics, I read in the press release that some of the materials used for the dashboard are made from natural castor seeds and renewable kenaf plants, rather than petroleum-based sources. VERY cool.

I promise I’ll get into what is under the hood . . . that’s tomorrow’s post.

eat. blog. be merry!

gd meg