Revolver Compressed Air Bike

The bike you see here is powered by compressed air, generates no harmful emissions, and – in all likelihood – will never get past the design phase … but what a design!

A student design project by Darren Kuo, the Revolver isn’t a gas/air hybrid – it’s built around a revolving (I get it!) chamber powered that spins by virtue of “pure” compressed air. That compressed air “engine” is what propels the bike forward, but even if you take away the über-düper “green” aspect of Kuo’s compressed air engine, there is a beauty and delicacy in the front suspension design that somehow eluded the Bimota Tesi and even the ultra-lithe, Yamaha-based RATZ 250 from motorcycle suspension guru James Parker.

Bringing the Revolver to a halt is the task of massive Brembo calipers up front, with a single caliper at the rear – typical World Superbike stuff, in other words, and straight-up brake pr0n for the type of people who say things like “brake pr0n”, I asure you.

There’s no word (that I could find) on projected speed, range, etc. of the compressed air Revolver, but all it wouldn’t need much to earn its keep as a dedicated track bike or “motorcycle school” trainer.


Source | Photos: Yanko Design, via Motor Biker.