Toyota Hybrid

For a while there, it seemed like the only thing standing between Audi and another LeMans trophy was Toyota and their hybrid racecar … but it wasn’t meant to be, as one of the two cars took part a dramatic aerial flip (after a collision with a GT car) and a smaller accident followed by an engine failure put both of Toyota’s cars out before the end of the race. The thing is, though, that the Toyotas were leading the race at one point – ahead of the Audis. Their performance at LeMans, their 3 victories later in the season, and the bitter aftertaste of yet “so close, yet so far” performance from Toyota has led Road&Track (among others) to say that “the real race will be (in 2013)”.

It’s 2013 now, and the car you see above is the new deal Toyota Hybrid LeMans racer.

Set to start undergoing testing at Paul Ricard Circuit this week (and probably driving ’round the storied track as I write this), the updated Toyota hybrid TS030 model racecar has a revised hybrid system boosting the car’s naturally-aspirated, 530 hp, 3.4L V8 engine with a fast-releasing, capacitor-based boost good for over 300 hp whenever it’s needed.

Read “whenever it’s needed” as “whenever one of those damned Audi diesels is nearby” and you’ll have figured out about 90% of the Toyota hybrid pilot’s strategy.

No word on the car’s lap times, yet, but you can never really tell with testing. We’ll see how the new Toyota TS030 does, in earnest, this June. Until then, you can check in on the Toyota’s progress in the video, below.


Source: World Car Fans.