As far as motorcycles are concerned, the 70s are definitely coming back, from Honda’s new, neo-cafe styling school to Suzuki’s reborn Katana. The future, meanwhile, remains stubbornly electric. As such, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising young minds married that classic, UJM look to a more modern electric powertrain, right? Right– and it was Regent who seems to have got there first.

Based in Sweden, Regent is hoping their bike’s clean, fuss-free, and classic UJM styling will help them become a sort of retro-Zero in Europe. They seem to be doing pretty well getting at it, too. As I write this, they’ve already pre-sold 78 of the 100 bikes they hope to build on their initial run, with articles on sites like this one and Electrek doing nothing to hurt their building momentum, either. That’s at 9500 Euro a pop, too, so these electric bikes are not cheap, even by Sweden’s own lofty, Tesla-buyin’ standards.

For that money, you get a lightweight, nimble, and clean-running, 20HP motorcycle that’s good for speeds of up to 62 MPH. Nothing too flash or fancy, obviously, but at least as good as something like a Honda SuperCub— and that’s before you factor in any tax breaks or EV subsidies that might kick in down the road (Sweden being Sweden, obviously).

No word, yet, on the riding range for Regent’s electric motorcycle. As such, you’d have to assume it’s a short one. I can’t say that’s a nail in the coffin, though– especially as this bike seems built to appeal to a more urban buyer and so many Chicago area motorcyclists seem to just ride a few miles (if that) from their home to the train station and back, you know?

That might just be me, though. Check out the photos and “official” comments from the company’s press release, below, then let us know what you think of the $10,000+ Regent One in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Regent Electric Motorcycle Prototype

YES, ITS AN ELECTRICAL BIKE and we don’t need to tell you what comes along with that with regards to sustainability, a clean conscience, easy charging, and absolutely, positively zero maintenance. So if you’re hard into leaking fluids, clogged filters and planet-destroying, look elsewhere.

Let’s instead talk about THE RIDING EXPERIENCE. Well, hop on, push a button, ride. As simple as that. Then you’re off to wherever and whatever thanks to one moving part delivering killer torque and smooth acceleration in total silence from the get-go.

Source | Images: Regent, via Electrek.