We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again- the greenest car you can buy is one that’s already been built. Call it a rose-tinted exercise in V8 apologetics if you want, but the fact remains that it takes a lot less energy and a lot less carbon to put an older car back on the road than it does to build a new one. And, when they look as good as this restomod DeTomaso Pantera, you really have to ask yourself why anyone bothers to build new cars at all, anymore.

The car you see here began life in 1971, as a Ford V8-powered DeTomaso Pantera. The design itself is a classic, penned by Tom Tjaarda- father of dynamite cars like the Lancia Fulvia HF, the Saab 900, and the striking Spyker GT Sport (among many, many others). It’s updated look, however, builds upon Tjaarda’s genius with updates that bring the car up to 2014 spec, but remain true to the spirit of the original. That takes a deft touch and a trained eye, and it was accomplished by the Ringbrothers shop in Wisconsin- who should now be very much on your map, if they weren’t before.

So, is the DeTomaso you see here on the same level as restomods like the Singer Porsches? You bet. Just look at the detail that they put into the Pantera’s engine bay …

1971 DeTomaso Pantera Engine

… but you don’t have to take my word for it. Head on over to Jason Torchinsky’s original article on Jalopnik for a bigger photo gallery that gets way into the details of the build. If you’re too lazy for that, I’ve picked out some of my favorites for you, below.


Source | More Photos: Jalopnik.