According to a report on the Top Gear website, the much-anticipated Infiniti performance electric car won’t arrive until 2014. This comes even after previous suggestions from Nissan that we might see it as early as 2012. Top Gear is also reporting that the Infiniti EV will be based on the Nissan LEAF platform but have completely different styling and upgraded performance.

Although the above pic is of the Infiniti Essence concept unveiled in Geneva, the styling is indicative of where Infiniti has been headed as of late. Because the Infiniti EV will be based on the LEAF platform, you can expect it to be Infiniti’s smallest car. Although there is no official comment from Nissan on this revelation, Nissan has always stated that their Infiniti EV would be based on LEAF technology.

Back in October, Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, said that a concept Infiniti EV is being developed for a “stylish, compact, high performance four-seat luxury Infiniti with zero emissions” that matches up to Infiniti’s hallmark of “inspired performance.”

According to Top Gear, when they asked “the boss of Infiniti” why Infiniti is choosing to take the path of smaller, more affordable EVs rather than the ultra-expensive supercar EVs like Audi with its e-tron, this unnamed individual responded “We’re not doing EVs for a limited number of people. We want lots of buyers quickly, so we are making a family car. We have no intention to make a niche EV. Besides, big vehicles are too heavy for today’s batteries, which is why our car will be compact.”

Take this report for what it’s worth, considering there are no named sources. 2014 seems like a long way away for a company that wants to dominate the EV market from upscale to everyman. Perhaps they meant the Infiniti EV would be released in Britain in 2014? I’ll bet we see a release in the US as soon as 2012 for an Infiniti-branded EV. We might even see the concept at next week’s New York Auto Show.

Source: Top Gear (via Green Car Advisor)