Electric cars are in demand, and right now getting into one could prove a bit problematic. But an Internet startup/car rental service is working with Tesla to offer rentals of its $101,000 roadster for just $25 a day.

The idea of car-sharing isn’t brand new, but it seems to be gaining more traction with city folk. Getaround is a new startup exploring this concept with some success. While you’re at work, you can “rent” out your car to users who need an automobile for a time. This actually lets you earn money renting your car out instead of just letting it sit in the parking lot, though you have to be comfortable with the idea of someone driving your car around.

If that doesn’t appeal to you though, Getaround is working with Tesla to offer rentals of this electric Roadster for just $25 an hour. Considering a monthly lease is almost $1,700, and the starting price is around $101,000, this suddenly makes the car more widely available to the average American. Well, at least if you’re in an area that Getaround supports. The Tesla Roadster isn’t exactly a practical automobile, but it does set the stage for other Tesla Models, like the forthcoming Model S, to be used in similar applications.

It’s still in its beta form, but car sharing programs like Getaround could have a tremendous impact on emissions, congestion, and adoption of electric cars. Other rental outlets are also going the EV route, and these quiet, efficient forms of transportation could start to become more commonplace a lot quicker than many people anticipated.

Source: Good.is

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