French automaker Renault is not on par with Ford or Toyota as a household name in the U.S. The company suspended sales of their cars in 1987 after selling its share of the American Motor Company to Chrysler. While we yanks may not have the privilege of driving one, Renault’s cars are EXTREMELY popular in Europe. Renault released the third generation of its all-electric Zoe line earlier this year. Among the upgrades from the second generation line are a 25% increase in power and a dramatic improvement in range. If you’re lucky enough to be an owner, here is everything you need to know about Renault Zoe service cost.

What’s Included   

Renault recommends that you service your Zoe at least once every year. Considering that I take my Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle in for service at least once or twice a year, this is quite encouraging. There are two different yearly services that the company recommends: “A Service” and “B Service.” This sounds super-fancy but it is basically just a combination of a series of diagnostic checks and a new pollen filter.

The Speak EV forums have quite a few threads about servicing the Zoe. We mentioned Speak EV in our list of excellent BMW i3 forums, which you can about read here. While Renault recommends that you replace the 12-volt battery at your three-year service, the majority of the participants on these forums think that this is unnecessary. Other additional services include tire (or as our British friends say “tyre”) and brake pad replacement. Seeing as the Zoe is a front wheel drive vehicle and features regenerative braking, these replacements won’t be needed very often.

Get to the Point! 

So…the question is now: what is my Renault Zoe service cost going to be? While I would love to give you a solid answer my dear readers, I unfortunately cannot. The costs for the various services seem to vary greatly, depending on location. Participants in this Speak EV thread report paying anywhere from £79 to £155 for their annual services. All of these posters are in London however, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Zoe owners posting in this thread report paying between £60 and £80 for their yearly services, but they all reside outside of London from what I can tell.

One piece of advice that I have seen repeatedly on the various forums is to shop around. It’s also not a bad idea to ask other owners you know for referrals…if you trust them that is. One thing is for certain: driving the Zoe is a whole lot cheaper than ICE. Even if you pay London prices for your services, you WILL save money by going all-electric. Now if we could only get Renault to sell them here in the states!

Are there any readers out there who own any of the various generations of the Renault Zoe and wish to comment? What did you pay for your various services? Would you recommend the Zoe to potential buyers? Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Source | Images: Renault