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Renault Twizy EV Comes to California

Renault Twizy EV Comes to California
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When it was introduced several years, the Renault Twizy was the cheapest electric car you could buy. With a race car like central seating position and instant torque, it was one of the most fun, too- with Formula 1 greats like Sebastian Vettel having fun putting a Twizy through its paces both on the track and in a shopping mall. American EV fans, meanwhile, have had to wait. Until now, that is.

Thanks to San Francisco based car and scooter sharing company, Scoot, the Twizy is now available for rentals at the low low price of $8/half hour.

It’s little different from the Renault version, though. For example, the US Twizy is now called the Nissan New Mobility Concept- which is a terrible name. Even so, the little electric car still tops out at around 30 MPH, so it’s technically a moped. That means you don’t need any kind of license to legally drive the thing (although, it should be noted that Scoot does require a license and the completion of a short online safety course).

So, if you’ve been eager to drive a Renault Twizy down some of California’s twistiest roads- or you’re just itchin’ for some driftin‘- head on over to Scoot and check the little car out. If you take a few pics and send them in, we’ll publish them!


Source | Images: Wired Autopia.

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