If you are considering an electric car, one of the first questions on your mind is, “What if I have to replace the battery? Won’t that be wicked expensive?” Under the Renault battery leasing plan, all that uncertainty is taken off the driver’s shoulders and placed on the manufacturer. Peace of mind sells cars and the Renault battery leasing program is one of the reasons the Renault ZOE is one of the hottest selling electric cars in the European market. The ZOE (a contraction of “zero emissions) is a slightly smaller cousin of the Nissan LEAF.

battery leasing for Renault ZOE

Renault just announced that more than 100,000 customers have taken advantage of its battery leasing program, which is administered by its financial services division, RCI Bank and Leasing Services. In total, 93% of customers have opted for battery leasing since the program began.

Renault now offers a larger 40 kWh battery for the ZOE. The original battery was 22 kWh. Under normal circumstances, owners of cars with the smaller battery would be stuck with them or face an expensive upgrade. But customers who leased their batteries now have a way to seamlessly upgrade their battery pack when their current lease is up. Simply lease the larger battery when the time comes. At a time when battery technology is making smaller and/or more powerful batteries possible for less money, battery leasing is the answer to so many concerns that EV drivers have, it’s a wonder no one else is doing this.

“Because of Renault’s lifetime warranty on leased batteries, this option brings considerable peace of mind to users. If the battery fails, or if its energy capacity drops significantly, Renault will change or repair it for free, for the duration of the vehicle’s lifecycle. Used car buyers thus benefit from a guaranteed level of battery performance, which is a significant advantage for owners who wish to re-sell their EV,” the company says.

“With the arrival of the new Z.E. 40 battery pack, Renault has introduced a more streamlined pricing scheme with no minimum length of commitment, consisting in two options,” the company notes. “The first, Z.E. Flex, is a pay-as-you-drive system whereby the rate is calculated as a function of the distance actually covered. The second option, Z.E. Relax, is reserved for retail customers and offers unlimited mileage. These options facilitate the control of running costs for ZOE owners. What’s more, customers get optimal flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing personal needs, since they can switch options at any time.”

Renault customers can elect to lease the vehicle and the battery together in one transaction. The Renault ZOE is available in France for a total monthly payment of just $179/month, which is equivalent to about $197 a month, thanks to Brexit.

Source: Renault