Mk II Toyota Supra Restomod

By most estimates, building a new, mid-sized car (think Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry) releases about 20 tons of CO2 emissions into the air- or, about as much CO2 emissions as a typical car driving 50,000 miles, according to the EPA. That’s why making an existing car last longer is, in many cases, the “greenest” thing you can do- and few have done a better job of keeping an old car on the road than Mike O’Brien, who built this Lexus UZ V8-engined supercar from the bones of his 1986 Toyota Supra.

Mike’s MkII Toyota Supra (counting the Celica Supra form the late 70s on) has been fully restored, in and out, with a trick new custom suspension to make up for the V8s increased power. Despite this being a homebuilt project, though, Mike didn’t cut any corners getting his V8 Supra “just right”. You can see what I mean when you compare his CAD drawings to the final pieces …

… then see how well everything came together in the final build.

You can check out the finished Toyota Supra restomod, below, and see more of the built UZ V8, the custom dash, all the trick wiring, and all the rest of the meticulously designed details that went into making Mike’s Supra something more than the sum of its parts at the original build thread on the Celica Supra forum. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: the Celica Supra forum, via Build-threads.