Before we get into this article, I want to get one thing immediately clear: the people behind the Bus Business are geniuses. They’re artistic geniuses, they’re construction geniuses, they’re cultural geniuses- heck, that’s probably not even a real thing. And yet, there they are. One look at their converted London Routemaster double decker bus will prove it.

The Bus Business converted this Routemaster into “a chic cocktail bar downstairs with an elegant dining area upstairs.” One that, interestingly, “has a roof that rises up at the touch of a button,” making it perfect for romantic dates and high-end restaurant pop-ups. Even the name, “Rosebery”, is pretty chic. It has a historical connection to this particular bus, as well, as it refers to the last route run by the double decker bus while it was still in passenger service.

All in, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the Rosebery is anything but a successful project. It’s harder, still, to argue that there’s some better fate for any of London’s iconic double decker city buses.

Click on the photos, above, to open up a larger size and check out the incredibly detailed work that went into the creation of the Rosebery V3. Then, watch the video, below, and get into some of the history of the Bus Business and their rolling creations’ trips to famous places like Goodwood and Glastonbury.


Welcome Aboard the Rosebury Double Decker Bus | Video

The London Routemaster is one of the world’s most iconic and beautiful vehicles. It is that rare thing – an elegant and brilliant piece of design that also served a useful function, transporting millions across London years ago. Sadly, they were taken out of service and are now almost extinct.

Rosebery Brand Limited: It takes a special type of company to trust in bringing your dream to life, choosing to work with The Bus Business after our initial meeting was a no brainer.


Source | Images: the Bus Business.