Kawasaki’s smallest Ninja has been “first bike” standard-bearer for over a decade, if not longer. Still, while the high-revving 250 cc twin and willing chassis can provide some great thrills while you’re on the steepest part of the learning curve, there’s something about the bike’s aggressively plastic bodywork that can leave some people- myself, included!- cold. That’s where the Bluster 250 comes in.

Built by an outfit called Studio Motor in Indonesia, the Bluster re-imagines the Kawasaki Ninja 250 as a “scrambler” type bike (per the website), with a retro look that is more in keeping with the bike’s upright, UJM-style riding position. Other changes include wire wheels, fatter, all-season tires, dual disc brakes up front, and a heavy helping of chrome on the (inverted) front forks, which were sourced from a crashed Suzuki GSXR-600. The Bluster’s builders finished off the custom bike’s “scrambler” looks with a deep metallic paint job and aesthetically “correct” seat … all of which were sourced from other bikes.

What that means to you, dear reader, is that you could probably build something pretty similar to the Bluster with an entry-Honda or Kawasaki of your own, and probably for a lot less than you’d need to pick up a vintage Scrambler or WS650 that’s near as nice as this. What do you think of it? Think you can do better? Let us know what your “Bluster” would look like in the comments, below- until then, enjoy these photos of the bike, courtesy of the bike’s builders. Enjoy!


Sources | Photos: Studio Motor, via Ottonero and Motorpasion.